Digital comics overdose

I think I have a new lover and her name is Comixology. I just “purchased” like 200+ free comics to read. The Avengers vs X-Men comics I got had free digital copies and I’m REALLY impressed. If I get this job I want, I’m totally starting a digital comics collection.

Alas, an ipad would be sweet for it too, but a bit out of my range (and no, I wouldn’t use it EXCLUSIVELY for comics, but a good portion!) I’m just excited about this, guys. While I’m never buying same day digital, the regular 1-2 bucks a pop is a pretty good deal for most of the books I’ve found, especially given the exorbitant back issue prices we have here (*Side-eyeing you, Tramps…*) and a lot of this stuff is out of print/a bitch to find. An example being Power of Shazam, which I wanted the whole series of. Comixology I can get it all, with no ads in the books, no musty smell, and crisper art. GRANTED some of that is part of the charm of digging through longboxes, but given my current collection of physical books, I’d MUCH prefer to cut down on space.

I’m still never giving up going to shops, cause I love them too much, but damned if I’m not coming round to digital.

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