Fight night!

My unarmed fight test for Stage Combat is tonight. I basically get to pretend to kick the shit out of my friend in front of the class. This class is the most ridiculously fun class I’ve taken in a while. 

And it’s hilarious since neither my partner nor I have ever been in an actual fight. After showing us all the appropriate stage moves (elbowing someone in the face, kneeing them in the stomach, kicks to the balls, choking, slapping, etc) he showed us what to REALLY do in a fight: “Kick them in the shins, headbutt them in the face, and RUN AWAY”. Wise advice (that my mother was happy we got). 

Now I feel like I should put all this stage combat to use, but not sure where. I’m directing a kid’s show at Christmas. Sadly, completely inappropriate. Hmm.

Hopefully maybe I’ll have a film of the fight to maybe post here. And then Tuesday, sword duel! 

(Yes, I’m officially way too pumped about actual university tests. But if you got to write a test with a sword, wouldn’t you be?)

Didn’t get the job

And it’s too rainy out to go practice with my sword. Think I’ll drink this here whole pot of coffee and watch some cartoons.


Swordfighting for university credit

I think I love my summer.