The best way to guarantee I will beat myself up about something

Is to tell me not to beat myself up about it.

Long story short, the sword test was really good, but had some noticeable fuckups. One of those weird “We were amazing in rehearsal and now what the fuck happened?” things. Not completely surprising, but SO frustrating.

I cringed when I watched the footage. We were spot on with most of our rehearsals, and while obviously people who didn’t know the choreography couldn’t tell we were mucking up (apart from the odd bit of real hesitance) the fact we knew just kills me.

It does help that we got through the fight and didn’t come anywhere near endangering each other, and we were told we passed for sure. Even the prof said he’s fucked up fight tests before. But it’s still just enormously frustrating after six weeks of practicing. 

On the plus side, my unarmed fight mark was really damned good, and the final sounds like it’ll be not too bad. People really dug our scene though, so I’m grateful for that. Hell, I’m grateful for everything. This course has been amazing and I’ve had a fantastic partner.

I’m stoked to see everyone else’s fights, but maaan. I take these things way too seriously. 

Fight night!

My unarmed fight test for Stage Combat is tonight. I basically get to pretend to kick the shit out of my friend in front of the class. This class is the most ridiculously fun class I’ve taken in a while. 

And it’s hilarious since neither my partner nor I have ever been in an actual fight. After showing us all the appropriate stage moves (elbowing someone in the face, kneeing them in the stomach, kicks to the balls, choking, slapping, etc) he showed us what to REALLY do in a fight: “Kick them in the shins, headbutt them in the face, and RUN AWAY”. Wise advice (that my mother was happy we got). 

Now I feel like I should put all this stage combat to use, but not sure where. I’m directing a kid’s show at Christmas. Sadly, completely inappropriate. Hmm.

Hopefully maybe I’ll have a film of the fight to maybe post here. And then Tuesday, sword duel! 

(Yes, I’m officially way too pumped about actual university tests. But if you got to write a test with a sword, wouldn’t you be?)

In Stage Combat, we learned that our targets are the other person’s tits and hips

So half of my dash right now I want to attack with my sword.

Also, way too many phallic jokes to be made when swordfighting, especially when the prof says just to use your tip.

Swordfighting for university credit

I think I love my summer.

Summer just got slightly more awesome

So tonight I registered for a stage combat class. Two evenings a week for two months, I’ll be learning to fight for marks. 

Pretty sure this is the best thing ever.